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Jungkook and Lee Yoobi reps refuse relationship hearsay just like the “unfounded”

Jungkook and Lee Yoobi reps refuse relationship hearsay just like the “unfounded”

The fresh new greater you fall for these types of idols, the only thing you wind up having can be your idols taking to the matchmaking scandals

1. [+340] I have found it thus absurd one to desire trying to YouTubers simply have to compensate random rumors plus the media often report on it immediately..

ten. [+80] Please end torturing the BTS members, particularly when there is no need research so you’re able to right back all of your states up. So it merely makes it more complicated with the BTS users.

3. [+step one,500] I believe such as Lee Yoobi do indeed enjoy videos in this way ???? and she would most likely appreciate seeing how fans react to they too

4. [+1,400] I believe so it YouTube route indeed helps me personally inhabit reality.. they holidays this new impression.. and you will can make me personally go back to discovering hard.

5. [+897] I do not most love additional players however, I am very curious observe exactly how Jin and RM find yourself relationships.. Really don’t really know much but they appear to be really wise and sensible people ?????????

six. [+339] In lieu of keeping everything hush-hush and you will fighting more unfounded gossip or whatnot, only. let Dispatch explode they into the January first.

eight. [+820] No way. ????? maybe not relationship Kyeon Miri’s child ?? Jungkook-ah, this is not they ??? you may be breaking my cardiovascular system right here

8. [+456] Kyeon Miri’s family unit members is no joke ??? it live eg dirty lifetime nevertheless end up getting Lee Seung Gi, Jun Jungkook.

9. [+725] Frankly, while the a lover, I recognize that this was an issue one admirers don’t have any say during the. It’s great you to my favorite musician extends to get in an effective reference to individuals they love Jungkook has become within his late twenties and it’s really nothing like he isn’t worried about his occupation meanwhile. I’ll never know what to be honest behind it dating however, let us simply service him for just what it’s value. But damn, why does he should be relationship an unlawful household members.. Jungkook-ah, escape.

I really believe there was likely to be a matchmaking scandal away of 1 of the BTS users

ten. [+168] Jungkook-ah. Seung Gi-ya. exactly why do you guys provides eg lowest conditions. There can be a reason many people are up against you guys relationships individuals from this family members.

eleven. [+245] What’s funniest if you ask me is the fact Lee Yoobi fits so directly to Jungkook’s most readily useful girl that everybody simply believes it ?????????

a dozen. [+138] Let’s all help save the bucks we have been spending on fangirling by purchasing ourselves tasty food and targeting our understanding. BTS can’t ever understand just who we have been truly. spending cash fangirling in it is simply helping anyone apart from yourselves

13. [+326] Jungkook’s even the only star whose fans understand every single one out-of their girlfriends as the their pre-debut weeks ??????????

fourteen. [+296] We always hate which station for being a keen anti however, is in reality providing me awaken and concentrate on my genuine life..

16. [+518] [Pinned] It is best to not ever fall too profoundly to your such idols. I was immediately following extremely in love with the Jun Jungkook and you will invested all of the my day fighting with haters towards Facebook and you will barely restaurants while the of the many be concerned I got of it ???? I might stream songs from day to night, choose inside polls up until my attention believed burdened, remind someone else to do a comparable, just to have the backhug towards tattooist return when you look at the my face ?? I must say i felt reality hitting myself entirely push there. I ran across that we you’ll suffer one hundred weeks in-and-out having your however, he would be available to you staying in real world.. therefore forced me to inquire everything i was undertaking some of so it getting. So i merely end. I entered a unique fandom but I’m not very in love that have my personal fangirling, merely carrying out the thing i feel at ease that have. To all the people crazy teenager admirers, please wake up and reside in your own fact. Simply studies for the reason that day alternatively.

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