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Summer Bay Vehicles assistant and you may Surfboard Store secretary Dating Amber Simmons ex-girlfriend

Summer Bay Vehicles assistant and you may Surfboard Store secretary Dating Amber Simmons ex-girlfriend

He could be also the half brother out-of Kayla, Sean and you can Mackenzie Unit and also the youthfulness pal away from previous River Man and previous officer Colby Thorne. Chelsea Campbell

Dean is the old boyfriend-sweetheart off Willow Harris and you may Amber Simmons The guy also the dad out-of Amber’s son, Jai Simmons plus the boyfriend away from Ziggy Astoni.

He’s together with close friends with Martin Ashford, which titled Dean to help you June Bay to avenge the fresh death of their ex boyfriend-spouse Katarina Chapman as well as their unborn boy.


Dean’s mothers, Rick and you can Karen got an event while you are Rick had been hitched to help you his first wife. The new fling finished and you can Karen turned expecting that have Rick’s son.

Dean grew up and you can satisfies a browse group known as River People and you can befriended fellow River Guy, Colby Thorne, who is a couple of years older than him. But their friendship finished when Colby abandons him. mother so you can his son Chelsea Campbell flirted with Willow Harris ex boyfriend-wife Jade Lennox former crusher, their front side Ziggy Astoni partner, Passion for their life James ily Rick Unit father Karen Thompson mom Kayla Booth 1 / 2 of-aunt Mackenzie Unit 50 % of-sister Jai Simmons man


Ash necessary Dean so you’re able to rally the fresh new River People together in summer Bay so you can avenge the brand new death of Katarina Chapman in addition to their unborn boy, blaming Robbo. Dean sent Taz to search the fresh bungalow Robbo is last seen from the, therefore the anyone else so you can bequeath the definition of that they’re on the appearance aside to have him. Dean and Ash head to Salt, in which Taz and lots of someone else disturb the fresh new aftermath. Ash commands Dean while the someone else out, and additionally they split to locate the local taverns and you can taverns, prior to back once again to Sodium.

Dean acknowledge his previous wife Willow Harris whenever she turns up. The next day, the guy asks her in which this lady has been and invites the woman to have a drink to catch upwards. One night, Dean had good seizure once taking home-brew alcohol.

Ash sooner quit this new appear discover Robbo, and although Dean tried to remind him to save heading, Ash eventually lost hope and you can escape. Dean at some point discovered your, but Ash made a decision to leave the newest Bay. Not long shortly after, Colby Thorne relocated to the newest Bay. Dean and you will Colby got grown up and Willow and you can was in fact just after best friends up to Ross Nixon kidnapped Ross Nixon passed away Colby’s aunt Bella Nixon in addition to their mother. Its auto crashed and you may Dean are leftover incapable of walk, however, Colby abandoned him or her throughout the car to keep chasing Ross. They never watched one another once again until these people were in summer Bay decades after. Willow helped Dean and he read simply to walk once again, in which he went along to jail for a while. Dean would not befriend Colby once again, but the guy sooner or later forgave Colby when he knew as to why the guy remaining.

Dean and you may Willow first started dating once again when she dumped Justin Morgan, and he revealed she had a gambling problem. Within this day, he had been helping Justin however when Justin found out you to he was matchmaking Willow, he sacked Dean to own an error. Then he lent funds from that loan shark to aid pay its expenses but he had been now in financial trouble. He tried to discount currency by the cloning playing cards to expend away from Willow’s personal debt. It kicked over Alf Stewart however, he previously not viewed them. In the course of time, Willow lost the woman employment and informed the outcome, and you may Dean is placed on trial, up against a decade when you look at the prison, but the guy and you will Willow then split up once more, were given area services instead.

When searching for Bella which have Colby, Dean made an effort to get in touch with his estranged mommy, Karen Thompson. Karen is actually mentally abusive when Dean was young as she got a psychological state situation. Karen moved to new Bay to cause chaos in the Dean’s life, and then he at some point got her accepted to help you good psych ward. Then he later wanted their dad, exactly who the guy found out was a rich previous AFL player just who try now married and had a daughter. Their father need nothing to do with him, and paid off Dean ample currency simply to walk aside instead of informing his wife and you may child whom he had been.

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